Very Personal Words Experienced by One Sheep Through a Year. 

Editor's note: Found underlined in Nancy's Bible on John 19:27 "My sheep hear my voice." We believe the words from the SHEPHERD are prophetic words of encouragement to any who would personally by faith accept them

Excerpts from the journaling for April 21:
SHEPHERD: "I am writing a book through you, etching it upon your heart which will bring life to those about you." Editor's note: Several years later the words are being put on paper. She was "a living epistle read by all men" as Paul speaks and her writings reach around the world today through Words for Courageous Living.

ANOTHER SHEEP: Christ Jesus had personally imprinted Himself upon Nancy. She knew how to continually sink into nothingness before her Lord.

GOD'S WORD is just as it says. The scriptures were impressed upon Nancy and the editor encourages the reader to read the Word slowly – even it is rather long. Often the SHEEP makes a comment / commentary on the reading.

Nancy's Journaling

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I Will Instruct You and Teach You We Receive the Power
I've Been Crucified with Christ Come to Me with Positive Expectations
Lo I am With You Always Fully Believe in What Christ Is
This Day is a Gift to Me Beyond Myself
The Path of Faith You Are the God That Heals Me
Know Trusting Acceptance of Trials Brings Blessings
Man's Steps are Ordered by the Lord I Believe Help my Unbelief
The Lord God is With You Now is the Time for My Glory to be Seen
My Beloved, New Days are Here Grace Me with the Simple Trust of a Little Child
Every Detail of my Life is in Your Hands Certainly, I Will be With You
Able to Testify I Will Sing Unto the Lord
Thank You Jesus for Your Faithfulness Victory in Jesus
A Great Cloud of Witnesses It's All About Him
Walk the Experiencing of Our Faith Because of His Grace There Was Victory
We Walk the Walk of a Faith Let It Happen
The Greatest Things is Love Victory is Mine
The Battle Has Been Won Because of You Stature of my Youth
Now is the Time for His Glory to Be Seen With God Every Day is a Day to Hope for the Very Best
I Am By Your Side Christ, the Hope of Glory
I Can Do All Things Through Christ You Know My Heart
According to Your Steadfast Love The Power and Strength of My Spirit
God is at Work in You Humble Yourself and Pray
He Is to Sing Praises Grow in Wisdom and Knowledge of You Lord
He Who Believes Will Not be Flustered Delight Yourself in the Lord

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Believe My Beloved Believe I AM Has Sent Me to You
Prepare the Way of the Lord Prepare the Way of the Lord
In Quietness and Trust Is Your Strength Focus on the Good
All Things Are Possible Rejoice in the Joy That Is Before You
I'll Never Know How Much it Cost I Am the Vine
Almighty God Lives in Me Grace Grace Grace
In Simplicity and Trust I Have Called You My Sheep Hear My Voice
Arise My Hand is Not Short Concerning You
Faithful and Patient You Are According to Your Will
I Will Live in Trusting Dependence Bring Total Healing
I Will Lead You Simply Trusting Every Day in Every Way
God is Sovereign Holds Onto Me
I Will Not Fail You or Forsake You Purify My Heart
He Is the Fulness of God You Are Lord
See the Deliverance of the Lord You Make All Things Beautiful in Your Time
My Ways My Thoughts Beacon of Light
Consider It Joy The Joy of the Morning Has Come
In His Time Christ Will Work in Us
Stir Our Hearts The Land of Spiritual Promise
Love Him With Your Whole Heart I Thank You For Your Love
Christ Lives In Me

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