Very Personal Words Experienced by One Sheep Through a Year. 

December 10

December 10

SHEEP: Who is Jesus?

Captain of our salvation and One who perfects our faith.

He is our example. "Learn of Me"

  1. meek and lowly of heart
  2. innocent and pure
  3. patient and silent
  4. brought many sons to salvation in whose footsteps we are to follow
  5. our advocate
  6. power to lead us and fashion us after His image
  7. willingness to increase His meekness and sacrifice in us
  8. increase within us His love for the Father and to others His redeeming love

He will be our Shepherd to lead us to the Fountain of waters of Life. Rev.7:17

SHEPHERD:" It will always be as I have it to you because you want it to be so though the way seems difficult. I know what I am accomplishing in the heart of my children. Relax in knowing you are where I would have you be.

BE STILL AND KNOW I AM THE ALMIGHTY I AM who is aware of every need and desire and I am working to fulfill the desires for My Glory. You are right in saying, suddenly.

So rejoice in this day and the days that are before you for My Hand is in all of it orchestrating the way for My Glory, Honor and Praise. You'll see and experience it all. My Glory will be seen and experienced by you.

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