Very Personal Words Experienced by One Sheep Through a Year. 

December 24

December 24

SHEEP: I woke up with these words:

SHEPHERD: Look with expectance of all the new I have for you. That new day has dawned. Fear not to let the joy of this to arrive. I am coming in ways you never dreamed possible. All for my glory. All for the gathering in of the harvest of souls I am calling.

Remember in simplicity and trust I have called you. Fear not. I will gather you every step of the way. Remember how simple it was with Derric. Your place is to respond to my calling – I will do all the rest. It is not in your strength or power but is mine and that you will see. You will be humbled and awed by it all. See that these words are from me to you. All you have longed to be apart of is before you – in simplicity and trust.

SHEEP: Then I read Andrew Murphy's book, the Throne of Grace. 1 John 3:16 The example of Christ's life is to give our whole life in service to others. The strength of God's love in Christ enables Him to give His life wholly for us. As we yield our life wholly to God for the welfare of souls will become the central object of our lives. The love of Christ constrains me and will supply all the power and strength needed.

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