Very Personal Words Experienced by One Sheep Through a Year. 

I Believe Help my Unbelief

January 23

SHEEP: I believe, help my unbelief.

SHEPHERD:I am coming, you'll see. I have not brought you to this place for nothing. Sit back and see what I will do. I am the Almighty. I am in control of everything in your life. It matters not who is in it or what they do. Remember – I am in control of everything in your life. I know all, see all, actually in control of all things in your life and in the lives of all those who desire it to be so.

New days are before you. You'll see. NOW is the time that my glory be seen in the lives of my chosen ones. You will be humbled by what I have chosen, planned for you before the foundation of the world. My hand has and will continue to be upon you. Rest in that. Joy in it. My glory will be seen in through and about you – spirit, soul and body. Without a doubt it will be known that it is my hand that has done it. Sit back and behold what I will do. See if these words are from me or not. Without a doubt you will know.

Yes, it is nothing you have done. It is what I have chosen to do through you because of your love for me – simple love of a child.

GOD'S WORD:1 Tim 1:12-17

I give thanks to Him Who has granted me [the needed] strength and made me able [for this], Christ Jesus our Lord, because He has judged and counted me faithful and trustworthy, appointing me to [this stewardship of] the ministry. Though I formerly blasphemed and persecuted and was shamefully and outrageously and aggressively insulting [to Him], nevertheless, I obtained mercy because I had acted out of ignorance in unbelief.

And the grace (unmerited favor and blessing) of our Lord [actually] flowed out superabundantly and beyond measure for me, accompanied by faith and love that are [to be realized] in Christ Jesus. 15 The saying is sure and true and worthy of full and universal acceptance, that Christ Jesus (the Messiah) came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am foremost.

But I obtained mercy for the reason that in me, as the foremost [of sinners], Jesus Christ might show forth and display all His perfect long-suffering and patience for an example to [encourage] those who would thereafter believe on Him for [the gaining of] eternal life. Now to the King of eternity, incorruptible and immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever (to the ages of ages). Amen (so be it).

SHEEP **Only in proportion as we can manifest the character of Christ in and through ourselves can people hear. Only as far as we can live Christ before them can they understand.

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