Steps for Difficult Days by Nancy Carlson
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Day 10: When Winds of Adversity...

steps through difficult days

When winds of adversity in your life seem unbearable and you
can't take it anymore, reflect on these words that are offered
us from the Throne of Grace.

Be still and KNOW that I am God. I am, Almighty God,
creator of the universe. I am your Savior who loves you. You
are the works of MY HANDS. I gave my life for you. Nothing,
absolutely nothing is impossible with Me at your side. Your
place is to trust me just as a little child would. The way may
seem impossible, difficult - but, you are not alone.

I am with you every step of the way I'm fulfilling My purposes
in you and preparing the way for you to minister for Me in My
name. Soon you'll be soaring like am eagle - strong and
confident in Me.

Yes, My beloved, the new days are being birthed in your
innermost being. I will not fail you - you'll see. You will be
infused with my strength and power in My name. Consider'
not what you see or experience. Look ahead to new days when
MY GLORY will be seen and experienced. Rest in knowing -
I love you.

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