Steps for Difficult Days by Nancy Carlson
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Day 6 No Greater Love

steps through difficult days

My prayer is that the Lord will be in every word that I will be speaking. I have nothing in myself to offer and I am praying that truly the risen Lord of my life will take control of me what He has been teaching me during the challenges I have been required to walk. My life is in Him. My strength is in Him and my hope is in Him.

As I see it it has been a challenge to pick up the cross as Jesus has born for us and come to a greater heart knowledge (revelation) of what the length, width, depth and breath of His love for us.

How blessed we are if we allow Him to unveil our heart to realize how great His love truly is. I believe we can only "know" that by experience.

It allstarted with a weakness that became progressing worst when I could scarcely breath at times I saw a doctor who proceeded to run quite a few tests - to no avail.

My second or third visit with her landed me in the hospital. With 3 or 4 doctors assisting her and running every test immagable - all they could come up with was a viral infection. Since there is no medication for that - we would just have to wait it out. About a few days later an emergency call to 911 landed me in the hospital. After an IV and oxygen we had no answer for the weakness

Through it all, I have seen in me fear and the frustration of not being able to be in control. Fear shows lack of faith and trust. True knowledge of my Lord brings humility.

I saw the real attitude of my heart. All He was asking me to do was to come to Him with the simplify of a little child.

One day one of my sons came over and sat in a chair next to me and looked into my eyes saying, "Mom, I can't understand the weakness, but when I look into your eyes I see strength."

A light went on in my heart. The resurrected, living Christ lives inside of me! I can't remember how many times I have cried out "What is happening to me?".

Acts 17:2,3 "Then Paul, as his custom was, went into them, and for 3 Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and demonstrating that the Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead, and saying, "This Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ!"

Paul reasoned with the people of Thessalonica explaining and demonstrating that
Christ had to suffer and rise again.

"suffer" - pascho - asks the question of treatment - "what is happening to me?" Of the 42 times it is used, most of it is used of Christ's suffering for us!

Christ Jesus was God's anointed one the promised Messiah who suffered the cross for us. He felt it then and even now He feels our pain with us. I wept for I can't begin to tell you how many times I have cried out to Him - "what is happening to me" and then to realize He felt the same agony on the cross for everyone so that we could walk in victory and be an overcomer in Him.

It over whelmed me! He knows! He understands and He is with us NOW as we walk the path He has for each one of us personally. It humbles me to know all this - to see a little more of what He has dome, to understand my heart - thank you, Jesus! What ever is required of us HE works for good. We have hope and we are being renewed in the image of Christ. There is no greater love than that and we have the privilege of learning more and more of that love as we allow our hearts to be unveiled before Him.

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