Fourteen Problems Some Christians Encounter

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In this space age we have heard and we have seen a lot about the Apollo Program. In the past we have been thrilled to see the tremendous accomplishments of the Apollo's flights. We have stood amazed by the putting into practice of the advances heretofore put only on paper. We have truly lifted our eyes to the Apollo's orbit.

While this is what we should have done, is it not possible that there have been those who have lifted their eyes only to the orbit - and, in doing so, have reclined into a chair of dependency upon such, not lifting their eyes to God?

Our dependency is upon, our salvation comes, our help comes, not from the orbit of Apollo, but from .the Hill of the Almighty.

Listen to Psalm 121:1,2

I will lift up my eyes unto the hill. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord Who made heaven and earth.

While Apollo was the god of manly youth and beauty, of poetry, music, and oracles; the god of healing; and later identified as the sun-god, the Almighty's orbit of existence, which is before the foundation of the earth, is higher. In the lifting up of our eyes to the Almighty, we find healing and music that encourage and thrill us in the night of living.

When I was on a preaching mission to the country of Haiti, I visited, by horseback, a small mission station high in the mountains. The place was Mapori, Haiti. The mission was called, "Canaan," and it was in that service that we sang about mountains. For that reason, t took as my text the above written sentence from Psalm 121. After the message, the invitation hymn had to do with the Hill of God. Those people live this Biblical truth. (The ASV renders mountains.)

We have to choose between Apollo's electronics or the Almighty's election.

The idea I wish to convey in this book is that God stands ready to help and aid us; we certainly need His help. There is help available to us; and, when this is recognized, we can SEE a little better. For, truly, this is GOD'S EYE TO HIGHER EDUCATION.

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