Fourteen Problems Some Christians Encounter

Problems Some Christians Encounter

Everyone has his eye to education. Sometimes a group of people band themselves together under the common flag of "same thinking and believing." Others fly an isolated flag, looked upon, and laughed over by many. But they are to be commended for their courage to stand beside their convictions. Even isolated denominations, at times, wave, the flag of "their truth." Others take the same sentence in the Bible and interpret it differently and wave a differently colored flag, Still, everyone has a right to his own eye of discretion regarding truth. (Jesus said,"I am the Truth.")

Above our eye of understanding is the all-seeing eye of God. His understanding is complete, and therefore His eye to education, the best. This book is submitted to show GOD'S EYE TO HIGHER EDUCATION for His creation. It is, of necessity, viewed through the eye of the writer, and therefore has the human flag of understanding, as this one sees it. We see things - human and materialistic - through our eye. This organ of sight is an essential part of our body. "... Contained in a bony cavity of the skull called the orbit, communicating with the brain by the optic nerve, and moved in the cavity by a set of small muscles."

I am told that there are three refractive media through which the rays of light pass. I liken this to the Trinity.

The "aqueous humour," in front, is, for me, the Holy Spirit - in front of our present time. The "Crystalline lens," in the middle, is likened to the Divine-human, Jesus, the Christ. He is the Mediator - drawing men to the Heavenly Father. Then, there is the "vitreous humour," behind. This can reflect God, the Father, as seen in the Old Testament, For a degree in God's Eye to Higher Education, one must view life from the perspective of God, the Father; God, the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit. This is pre-Kindergarten in our course. As there are three coats to the eye ball, so there is, for our thinking, the Trinity.

I am told that the muscles which move the eyeball in the orbit consist of the four rectus muscles--one above, one below, and one on each side. When a Christian is faithful to the cause, he is a witness, and a witness to God's truth in all the four corners of the earth. He is to help his"neighbor"through "the living course."

The eye at rest can see distinctly objects about twenty feet away. While we use other optical means, such as the eye-glass, microscope, and telescope, God has no limitations. it is my hope that, via the lens of Scripture and my interpretation and illustrations, to help the reader to see better--to see what he cannot ordinarily see and to understand what he cannot ordinarily understand.

May our limitations of vision be reduced as we participate in GOD'S EYE TO HIGHER EDUCATION.

Dr. Neal Carlson, 1975  gears

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