The Marriage Knot 

knotA Score Card for Wivesknot

Rules for scoring: At the end of each of the following ten questions you will find a set of five scoring figures, 0 1 2 3 4. Check the figure which represents your answer to each Question on this basis:

0 means "never", "not at all"
1 means "somewhat", "rarely", "a little"
2 means "about as soften as not", "an average amount."
3 means "usually", "a good deal", "frequently"
4 means "regularly", practically always", "entirely"

1. Do you try to make the home interesting, attractive, cheerful, a place of rest and relaxation - devoting as much thought and study to that as you would to a job "downtown"?
0   1   2   3   4  

2. Do you encourage your husband to go out frequently with his men friends, though it means leaving you home alone?
0   1   2   3   4  

3. Do you serve means that area enticing in variety and attractiveness?
0   1   2   3   4  

4. Do you handle household finances in a business-like way?
0   1   2   3   4  

5. Do you keep yourself attractive (thought not offensively so!) in appearance, in order that your husband may be proud to have everyone know you are his wife?
0   1   2   3   4  

6. Are you a "good sport" cheerful and uncomplaining, punctual, not nagging, not insisting on having your own way or the last word, not making a fuss over trifles or requiring him to solve minor problems that you should handle alone?
0   1   2   3   4  

7. Do you bolster your husband's ego, not comparing him unfavorable with more successful men but making him feel that he is the most successful man you ever met?
0   1   2   3   4  

8. Do you prevent your mother and other relatives from intruding unduly, and show courtesy and consideration to his owns relatives?
0   1   2   3   4  

9. Do you take a sympathetic and intelligent interest in his business - yet leaving him a free hand, not offering advice, criticism of association, etc. unless asked; and realizing that he must often give time to his business when you would rather have him give that time to you?
0   1   2   3   4  

10. Do you cultivate an interest in his friends and recreations, so you can make a satisfactory partner of his leisure hours?
0   1   2   3   4  

Suggestion: Top attain the most accurate results, you may score yourself as fairly and honestly as possible, then let your husband score you. Add the two scores and divide by two - to get your real rating.


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