tall, but small in diameter bottle
filled with water but not to the top.

a number of pebbles

a large plate on which the bottle will be placed
(this is for the overflow of water)


Have you ever been thirsty, boys and girls. I mean really thirsty and you just had to have a glass of water. Think of the time when you were the most thirsty in your whole life. Was it last summer on that trip to the park or the ocean or the amusement park?

I recall years ago when our children were really young. My wife, Nancy and I, took them to Death Valley. Wow, have any of you ever been there? We became very, very thirsty. In fact, we have a color slide of the kids at Furnace Creek where we were getting some gasoline. They were sitting with their shirts off next to the gas pump and they were almost pink they were so hot.

They were thirsty. Their mouths were parched, they wanted a drink badly. Water was available and did it ever taste good. But it is something else when one is thirsty and there is no water to drink. Now, that is not good!

Jesus says in the Book of Revelation (22:17) "And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price."

Let me show you something. I have before you a tall glass pitcher. I want to tell you a story about a crow that got very, very thirsty. He couldn't get a drink of water because the water level was too low in the container. Now, the water in this pitcher is not very high - that you can see. The crow could not get his beak down sufficiently enough to get water.

What do you think he did? Well, the crow was very, very wise as I hope you boys and girls are. The crow looked around till he found a number of small pebbles. He picked up one pebble in his beak at a time and brought it over to the pitcher and dropped it in. Just as I am doing now. Do you know what is happening. Let me put another pebble in - - and look, the water level is rising. Wow. Bit by bit.

The crow got another stone and another and before long the water level had raised so that he could put his beak in and get his drink of water. The water had raised all the way to the top...and that's the way the crow got his "glass of water".

Someone once said, "Little by little does the trick". In Isaiah 12:3 I read, "With joy shall you draw water from the wells of salvation.

Jesus was once at a well with a woman. The story is in John, chapter 4. He told her that if she drank from the well, out of which she was drawing water, she would thirst again, but if she drank the water of everlasting life which was available to her, she would never thirst again.

Jesus also said on another occasion that he was a rock. So, when "dropped in" our lives we have the everlasting fountain flowing unto eternal life.

To repeate or review: The Bible tells us that "With joy shall you draw water from the wells of salvation. However, the water is very hard to get - like too far down and the water can only be obtained or gotten through Jesus. Since He said "I am a rock", then both kids, like yourself, and adults can only reach the living water through Jesus.

The next time you see a crow or a small rock, remember our story. And the point? The crow or bird got a drink through the use of rocks. We get the spiritual drink through Jesus, the rock.




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