a collection of some 5 or 6 keys
different shapes and sizes

if possible some old keys that have special significance to you
(this will allow you to adapt from my collection)

a skeleton key

a board on which to display the keys

a Bible and a key placed between the pages


Hi guys: I have a collection of keys here that is very interesting to me. Years ago we started collecting keys after we found a really unusual one. So, we prepared this beautiful board to display the keys.

Take this key, for example. It is pretty big, huh? It is a replica of the key used at Independence Hall, In Philadelphia, Penn.

This key certainly is unusual. People call it a skeleton key. In fact, is looks like one. They were really popular many years ago. In fact most indoor room were locked with one like this.

Then there is this special key. I bought it in the French Quarters in New Orleans, Louisiana. We liked it because of the color and shape. This next key is unique. Believe it or not it was used on the front door of a house that one of my churches provided for me years ago.

But, for the present - look at this Bible. Let me open it - wow, here is a key (placed there between the pages earlier)

The Bible speaks of keys. There is the key to knowledge and the key to Heaven and Hell.
Matthew 16:19 reads, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven..." In the Revelation we find these words, (1:18) "..and behold I am alive for evermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades."

Jesus has told us, "I hold the keys." For all of life's problems and situations the key to unlocking them all is found in Jesus. For a problem of illness, Jesus is the great physician, for a situation which is troublesome, Jesus holds the key to deliverance. For discouragement, Jesus gives encouragement.

Jesus always come when asked and frees us. You know, boys and girls, often times because of our sins, we get all locked up - we get all tied up and chained. But Jesus can come and unchain us and free us.

When we speak of our heart, we hold the key. It is important to give the key to Jesus so He can come in. So, the next time you see a special key, or any key for that matter, remember that Jesus is the real key.




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