candy, all sort of colors and
individually wrapped

scripture typed on pieces of paper


I tell you, boys and girls, when it comes to candy - I love candy. I recently visited a candy store with some of my grandchildren and there was candy everywhere. Well, why not? was a candy store. I say all kind of candy - all colors - all shapes - all sizes. I wanted a sample of each one.

I also once went to a jelly bean store. Now, obviously, all they sold was jelly beans. Wow. I had never seen so many. Some even tasted like their color. There was also a chart to tell you what flavor went with what color. For example, the green was lime - the dark brown - - yes, you guessed it - chocolate.

Well, I want to give you some of this wrapped candy. I also want to give each of you a verse of scripture to go along with your candy. First of all these instructions. Don't eat the candy until you get home and your parents say it is OK. That does two things. It will hep you in what we adults call self control. That candy will be yelling to you during the rest of church, "Hey, eat me, eat me. I'm good." But you just tell it to "shut up" or "keep quiet" "I'll not listen to you." The other thing it will do has to do with the Word which says, "Children, obey your parents" in all things.

Psalm 19:7-11, "The law of the Lord is perfect. It gives new strength. The commands of the Lord trustworthy. It gives wisdom. The law of the Lord is right, and those who obey them are happy. The commands of the Lord are just, they give understanding to the mind. The worship of the Lord is good, it will last forever. The judgments of the Lord are just, they are always fair."

Then, boys and girls, Davis says, "They are more desirable than the finest gold, they are sweeter than the purest honey." God's word that is found in the Bible is sweet. How true we adults have found that to be.

Well, the candy that you will be eating will be sweet, no about that. When you eat the candy I just want you to remember that the commands of God, the worship of God and the law of God is just as sweet - - even sweeter than honey.




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