To Die is Gain
Christians know that to die is gain.
But not until a loved one is called to glory does the truth of those words become real.

You may feel as though your world has crumbled.
But God will see you through these dark hours.

He is also given the assurance that because Christ has risen
we too shall rise We shall be with Him in Heaven.

To die is gain!

I have seen a picture of a number of grieving caterpillars. They were dressed in black mourning as they traveled in their funeral procession carrying the cocoon of their loved one. They were very much engrossed in the state of death. Yet cdl the time, fluttering merrily above them, was a beautiful butterfly. The point is well taken. We must give our attention to the butterfly rather than to the cocoon.

When the lights go out, so to speak, for an individual – that is, when a loved one dies, it is like being in the darkness of a coal mine without a lantern, light, or candle. One must grope in the darkness. Yet there is even then a sense of security when that individual touches the posts that flank the sides of the coal tunnel. He knows the roof is being held up. Even in total darkness there are certain things which one can hold onto which will sustain him. The roof will not fall. God is! God is still in command. There are no accidents with God only incidents.

Death is no respecter of persons when he comes knocking at the door. Sometimes he comes down the street to an acquaintance or across the city to a relative. From time to time everyone, regardless of age, is confronted with the death of a friend or loved one. For one to say, "Don't be troubled" or "Don't worry" is good because those are Biblical statements. Yet a grieving person needs more than just the words, "Don't worry about it" or "Let not your heart be troubled. The purpose of this booklet is to help you channel your thoughts in a creative way.

Monarch Butterfly

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