A Mailman's Jacket
Scuba Diving Top
Highway Patrolman's Jacket
Other Available Jacket Which Would Identify A Profession.


mailmanBoys and girls, I have a beautiful uniform that I want to put on right now. Here it is. I suppose everyone knows the uniform of a Highway Patrolman. Isn?t this a beautiful Jacket? Now, I will put it on, and if I were to walk outside into a place where no one knew me, don?t you think that everyone would believe that I was a Highway Patrolman? That's right. Unless you knew that I was a minister, obviously people would think I was a Highway Patrolman.

Now, take a look at this jacket. If I put this on and walked outdoors, everybody would say, Wow! He is the man who delivers our mail - through snow and ice, through sleet and rain, through the smog and the clean air, through dogs barking and mud, - the mail goes on.

This is a good looking jacket too. Now the third jacket I put on is one that in the past I used to enjoy wearing. I wonder who knows what this is just by looking. Well, if you guessed a scuba diving top, you are absolutely correct. When one puts this on he can go in water that is cooler than comfortable, and the temperature from your body is so insulated that it doesn?t really bother you. I remember one day I put this on and went scuba diving in a place called The Cove in La Jolla, California. Now the water of the Pacific Ocean was quite cold, but after putting this on, and my head gear, goggles and fins, it wasn?t so bad. My body stayed quite warm and I was able to stay down with my friend. This is a scuba diving jacket.

So you see, boys and girls, we put on these items of clothing and we immediately become identified with these people who are represented by the clothes.

Now, boys and girls, how can you put on Jesus? If we have put on these jackets that are representative of certain individuals, how can you put Jesus on? I guess I am asking the question, What are things that are representative of Jesus Christ that, when put on, make us like Jesus?

There are several words that. give us clues. I hope these words rep? present that which you will put on, boys and girls, this week at school, at home or at play. Put on love. Put on kindness. Put on concern for one another. Put on a smile and put on a sharing.

So I say, Put on Jesus Christ. When I say, Dress up in Jesus, you know what I mean, don?t you? We see these jackets of other people and now we see these items of our Savior, Jesus. So, this week, boys and girls, put on Jesus Christ. Our Scripture comes from Romans 13:14, Put on Jesus Christ. Amen



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