a sword - largest and prettiest available
a pretty Bible


THE SHARP SWORDHi boys and girls. Well, this is some sword, isn't it. Look at it. Careful - it is very sharp. One of you come and hold it for a moment.....gentle now. Careful. It is very, very sharp. I like the way it is decorated. Now, what is this called again? A sword. Right.

Now, look at another sword!! Where? Right here. It is a Bible. A Bible? yep. The Word of God is like a sharp sword and like swords it comes in different colors and sizes. Now, by that I mean the book called the Bible. However, what it contains, "the Word" is constant and changes not.

Hebrews 4:12, "Thje Word of God is alive and it is sharper than any double-edged sword. It cuts through - where soul and spirit meet, where joints and marrow come together." That is why I called both of these objects in each hand by the same name.....a sword.

The words of Jesus are sharp and clear. That is why in the last book of the Bible, the Revelation, we read (1:16) "He held seven stars in His right hand a sharp, two edge sword came out of His mouth" This refers to Jesus and the picture is that out of His mouth comes truth and truth is sharp.

You know, I can take a sword - much like this one - and hack away at brush or any thing before me and I can use it to lay low if it is in my way of walking, say through a jungle. On the other hand we have seen warrors fight with swords. We have seen on television or read in books how swords were used in fighting battles. Now, God says tlo us that we are take the Word of God and use it as a sword.

So, you can take the Word (the Bible) and as you read it or as you listen to it let it cut right through to you so you can see what is on the inside of you. Now, that is hard to understand, but the bottom line is that the Bible helps us to see the way we really are on the inside.

I thank God for both swords, what they can both do. Remember, boys and girls, that you own a sword. Tell your friends.




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