large cork
bouy - hard to find, but not impossible
inner tube - large and small


DON'T LET ME SINKHere are three things - they all do the same job. The first - a cork. Wow, this is a pretty good size one, huh? Corks are used by fishermen when fishing in lakes and even off piers. The second is a bouy. They come in different shapes and sizes and colors. (This one I am showing came from the Bahama Islands. It is really big.) The third - an inner tube. Have you ever played with one? Years ago I found 5 different inner tubes. The largest came out of a tractor tire. The smallest came from a small tire. I had one for each of my children when we spent a week at the beach house.

Now, all of these objects have one thing in common. Can anyone guess? Yes, that's right. They hold something up. They support, they help. In some cases they make it safe for someone, lif;lting them up.

I liken these all to God. How? Well, the Bible says, (Psalm 30:1) "I will extol you oh Lord, for you have lifted me up." Or "I will praise you Lord for you have saved me and kept my enemies from getting to me." I was on my way to the depths.

Another verse comes from Isaiah 43:2. "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. When you pass through the rivers, they will not overflow you."

So, boys and girls. Remember when you are at school or home, when you pass through a very difficult time, remember that God will not let you sink. Pray, "Jesus, send me your help. Lift me up" And, then like David you will say, "Thanks God, for keeping me from sinking."

So as I pretend to be lifted up by this inner tube, so, I reach out to God and He lifts me up. That truth makes for a great coming week at home, school or at play.




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