large classroom pencil sharpener
sign on one side: THE CHURCH
paint pencil sharpener red
a dull pencil


A written letterWell, this is something that I imagine you have never seen before. Oh, you have seen one like it, but never so painted and described. We all know the value of a pencil sharpener. They ore used for the purpose of sharpening pencils. I want you to see the sign that is on the back of this sharpener as I turn it around. What does it say? THE CHURCH.

You know, the church is like a pencil sharpener. Our lives get dull sometimes. They get in need of sharpening up. There are two aspects of this. 1. How is it done and 2. For what purpose.

How is it done? Well, look here. This pencil is in need of a good point. I put it in the pencil sharpener. I turn it. Now, see. The dull pencil has come out with a point as sharp as a tack. How was this done. Well, the pencil got into the sharpener. With this labeled "the Church" we ask "How" are we sharpened? It is done by going to Sunday School and church. It is done by praising God and praying to God. Discipline is also used by God. As in the case of the pencil, it might say, "ouch" but the result is to the pencil's advantage.

For what purpose? Well as a witness. Accurately, clearly people have to follow the example we set. They can not follow if we do not give unto them a straight line.

I wish to read 2 Corinthians 3:18 "And we all with unveiled faces, all reflect God's glory are being transformed (sharpened) into his likeness with ever increasing glory which comes from the Lord." To be transformed is to change. Just like this pencil experienced a change "sharpened up" transformed to be more like Jesus.

So, the church is like a pencil sharpener. And, notice the color of this one. Painted red. This reminds us of the blood of Jesus. The church is because Jesus died on the cross. He shed his blood for our sins.. We, boys and girls, can be sharpened up so we can tell other people by the line that we draw that God so loved the world, that He gave us His son. Whosoever believes on Him will have life everlasting.



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