a number of medicine bottles
a bottle of colored pills
a bottle of colored capsules


When I show you these bottles, I hope you don't turn up your nose. (Show medicine bottles.) How many of you have had to take medicine recently? Hmmm, quite a few! Well, sometimes during the year some people do get sick. I suppose everybody gets sick once in a while and it is good to know that God has provided medicine that will make you feel better.

Here are some bottles that had liquid in them, and here are some bottles that contain pills. Some may recognize these. We have this over the counter medicine in the medicine cabinet at home to be used when necessary. Now, there are two things in the Bible that I want to speak to you about.

First - in the Proverbs we find that laughter is good medicine. Did you know that laughter is a good medicine? Oh, what can you laugh at? You can laugh at your own mistakes. Oh me! You can laugh at your ignorance. You know, that last test that some of you older kids had in school. You can laugh when your pet does something funny. Laughing is good medicine.

One doctor wrote that there is nothing more healthy than a good laugh. Why? Because a good hearty laugh makes the blood go through your body at a faster rate of speed. It is good for your body and it makes you feel better. When you laugh at home, your laughter spreads throughout the house...sometimes it makes others laugh too, huh?

The second - Jesus is good medicine for a sick person. He has been called the "Good Physician" Now certain types of medicine are taken by people every day and so Jesus gives a special kind of medicine. Praying to Him is medicine. Reading the Bible is good medicine. The kind Jesus offers is medicine always with us. One might not always have the bottle of pills with them, but we all have Jesus with us.

So, first - let me see all of you smile!. Can any laugh?? OK. Remember, "a cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones." Also, remember who is always with you to help you? Jesus - that's right!!




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