a thin string
a small rope
a larger rope
a steel cable


string, rope, and cable

Let's begin with the scripture. It is found in Zachariah 4:10. "Despise not the day of small things." In other words, do not take lightly small things that you may see. Actually many great things, first come from small things.

Let me show you this piece of string. But as I pull it out of the bag, you can soon see that the little string is attached to a rope. As I continue to pull the rope out I find that at its end there is this heavy cable. I was told that when the suspension bridge was first built across the Niagara Falls, that there was much discussion as to how such a bridge could be built. How would they make the suspension? The story I heard went like this.

First, they took a common kite and tied a string to it and let it fly across the river. They then let it fall to the ground. From the side that the kite was first flown, they tied a heavier rope to the small string. This was pulled across. Well, what could you do with a tiny string? Remember the scripture. Despise not the day of small things. The rope is now able to be pulled across due to the tiny string. Now, to that rope was tied a larger one and to that larger rope was tied a cable and then a huge cable and now a whole suspension bridge is held up. How. It was all due, originally to a small thing.

So, boys and girls, despise not small things. A tiny seed, when planted can grow into a large tree. Despise not a trickle of a stream, because it can cut into the rock through the years. And to adults, despise not children.



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