several rocks of varying shapes and sizes obtained from someone who is a "rock hound"
some that have been cut in two revealing the beauty of crystals.


A girl's rock collection

One day some people were walking around a. farm house. The owner was kicking around some of the rocks. He picked up one and was about to throw it in an area where he had thrown many before, when the visitor 5aid, "Don't throw it away, let me see it first." Why not, was the reply, it is just an old ugly rock." "Well, maybe not." You see, boys and girls, some rocks, when cut with a very special saw reveal a surprise inside.

Take this rock. On the outside it is just a common ordinary, dirty rock, but as I turn it around one sees on the other side, which is actually the inside, something very precious and beautiful.

We never should go by outward appearance. The inner beauty of people, the inner beauty of your life can come out and be shown. That is why the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3:18, "The Lord, God, changes us from one glory to another." Or, "All reflect the glory of the Lord with uncovered faces and that some glory comes from the Lord, His is the spirit transforms us to His likeness in an ever greater degree of glory." We are changed. Changed from one glory to another.

So two things: 1. Realize that within every persons is a great deal of beauty and 2. Never go by outward appearance.

We must never make quick judgments about things or people without first of all taking time to examine more closely that one. Yep, that visitor to the old farm house was about to stop the farmer from throwing away something that he thought uncommon and worthless. And, he succeeded.



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