an assortment of reflectors
different sizes and colors
red, yellow, orange, white
even green (hard to find)


REFLECTORS WE AREThe other night I was driving my car on a winding road. I had never been on that particular road before. I noticed every now and then some posts along the side of the road which had a reflector on them. Have any of you ever seen reflectors at night? Well, that night the reflectors told me that I was getting to a dangerous spot and I need to be warned. Especially on the curves was this true. As I made the turn I could see the white reflectors on the posts.

Now, before I got to the flexor posts, where were the reflectors. Yes, they were right there on the post. But, they were not shinning. You see, reflectors do not have light IN them. Let me show you some reflectors. Now, I want you to know that reflectors do just as the word says, "reflect". As I was driving my car down the winding road, the reflectors were there, but only as I got in light-shot of them did they start working. They were sitting in darkness until the light from the car's head lights struck them.

That is why God send His son Jesus into the world. The world was in darkness, but Jesus came in as the light of the world.

Look at these reflectors that I have collected. My, this is a big one, isn't it. These white ones came off a bicycle. Here is an orange one that I found some time ago. Here is a rare green one. One doesn't find one like this often. Reflectors do come in all sizes and shapes and colors. BUT they all have the same purpose in mind - that being to reflect.

Something else, boys and girls. Reflectors give. By this I mean that they have nothing in them except what is given them. Think about that for a moment. They reflect. They do not keep, they give. That's cool, huh?

Many times God warns us through a reflection of the things we do. Maybe a frown, maybe a smile - that is a reflection. Usually, if someone walks up to you with a smile on their face, you reflect that smile, don't you. Sometimes our temper is seen through a reflection.

It is sorter like, "Be kind to a reflection and it will be kind back to you." Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

So, boys and girls, the next time you see a reflector, be reminded that they give what they are given....that is what we are to do - give. Further, you are little reflectors of Jesus, the light of the world. He shines His truth upon us and we then reflect the truth to the world. So, we are all different in color, different sizes, even shapes, but we are all reflectors of the great light, Jesus.

Think about that the next time you see a reflector.




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