a small needle and thread
the biggest needle one can find with a color yarn


MR. NEEDLE AND MRS. THREADBoys and girls. Look at your clothes. What is keeping the parts together. Examine. Why it seems to be thread. Right? How does one get thread through material? (Someone answers - needle!"

One of the great verses in the book of Romans is in chapter 8, verse 14. "Those who are led by God's spirit, are God's sons." Now, here is a needle and here is a thread. In fact, sometimes we have sung, "Where He leads me I will follow. I suppose that is what Mrs. Thread says to Mr. Needle.

Now, I'll put the needle in this hand and I will try to thread it with this string. Now, it is difficult, but it can be done. Bear with me. My, this is hard, isn't it. It is being done. Ah, it is done, at last. Now this thread is very important. It will hold together material or whatever is being sewed. And, yet, the needle is important also.

I would like to think that the thread represents you and me. You see, we are followers of Jesus. Jesus is the needle. Where He leads, we will follow. As we follow Him, we know we are being led right. Others might always lead us correctly. Only Jesus is right. So, as we are connected to Him by faith, we become his sons and daughters.

I think a good prayer would be: "Jesus, you be the needle and I will be the thread."

And something else. Jesus will never lead us through something that He has not experienced. That includes death.

So, bottom line. Following him like this thread makes the needle happy. Wow, happy needle. The needle says, like, "come on thread" Do not resist or break, just let me lead you into the paths of righteousness.




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