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Camp Lantern

I want to tell you the story of some boys and girls who decided to explore some of the caverns that run under the city of Rome. Now, maybe some of you older children know where the city of Rome is Italy? That's right. Now, under the city there are passage ways. They should not have done this, but they did. For light they had two lanterns. They had walked for some time were all excited about seeing the markings on the walls, but were soon frightened when the lantern one of the boys was carrying, started to flicker.

It was soon out. Well, they still had not other one and quickly they turned around to retrace their steps. -, They came to several places where they had to decided would they go right or left? Always they saw a marking, and would take that turn.

But, to their horror, soon the second lantern gave out and they were thrust into darkness. It was so dark they could not even see their hand before their face. Now, remember they are underground. How in the world would they get out. Yes, one started praying, one started crying and the other started thinking. He soon spoke, and I would like to think that his thoughts came to his mind because his friend was praying.

What was the way out? Well, they knew that through the centuries many, many people had taken the walk into the caverns. So, one of the fellows said, "Sit down." They did. "Now, put your hands on the floor" They did. "Move them back and forth on the surface." They did. "What do you feel?" "A depression" was the reply. That was the answer. Sure enough, in the stone floor was a depression, a path-like that had been made through the years.

So, with their hands, these children were able to find their way out of their darkness. By following the "foot prints like" of those who so many years ago had gone to a place of prayer and praise.

Scripture, my children for this story is this: "The Lord is my light and my salvation.." Psalm 27:1 Even when they did not have a lantern, the Lord was their light. The Lord, through the path of earlier Christians, now led these children. Yes, Thy Word is a light to my path.



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