a bundle of letters, if possible some from people who might be famous or those in the news.
a New Testament or paperback book in the New Testament


A written letterBoys and girls, I have before me a bundle of letters which I classify as important letters. Why are they important letters? Well, because they are from what we consider important people. They are important to me. For example, this letter is from someone that is probably before you time. It is from Roy Rogers, and here is one from Dale Evans. These letters were written in regard to working with young people and in trying to present the Gospel in such a way that young people might be interested because it is a task to work effectively with young people.

Here is one from Carol Burnett, you are familiar with her on television. Here is one from Neil Hamilton who played the police chief on the Bat Man series. Look at the letterhead on this one, boys and girls. It has a picture of the White House and is a letter from Patricia Nixon. There are many more in the stack. One is from the Governor of a southern state. So this stack of letters is from people who are "important people," whatever that means.

When I receive these letters I naturally open them, as you would expect me to do. When I get my mail every day I open it, just like you do. Perhaps when you come home from school you look where the mail is placed and you look for your letter. Or you ask, when you come home, "Is there a letter for me?" And if you do have a letter, I am quite sure you open it right away, don't you? Boys and girls, I am concerned about a letter that has been addressed to us and may not have been read as quickly as it should have been.

I am speaking about a letter from God, because you know, boys and girls, the Bible is made up of letters. This is right. The first people, under the inspiration of God had written letters to churches and people and they have been collected in what we call the Canon of scripture, that is the Bible. That is why, boys and girls, that you should take the Bible very seriously and that you will read it as a "letter from God," which it certainly is. In John 20:31 it says, "but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name."

Therefore let not one day go by without reading God's special delivery letter to you.



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