a large red apple with a piece of large block yarn, place it in a hole on one side of the apple. Push it all the way in. This will be your "worm".


Apple with worm

Look at this wonderful, beautiful apple. It is great, huh. My, what a bite of this must taste like. Even polished, and it is so delicious looking, I am almost tempted to stop this message and eat it. But, I won't, because if I did, I would not have it to use for my illustration.

Once a little fellow was visiting his grandparents who lived on the farm and his grandmother said do not eat those apples over there. Later in the day, the little fellow went over to the barn and looked in the box and they sure looked OK to him. In face, they even looked real good. He did not mean to be disobedient, but he did want the apple, so he took one and bit into it. Wow, it was good, so another bite and another and then what oh, no, ugh.. .ugh. What do you think was happening? Well, if you guessed it was a worm, you guessed correctly. The apples in the box were full of worms.

I want to show you this apple again.. You may think it is the prettiest one you have ever seen, it does look good, but look here. On the back, what is coming out of this hole. I had my finger over the hole. What is it? A big worm. Look how long it is!

In the case of the fellow who disobeyed his grandmother, he actually tasted was really bad. I think I want to read Romans 6:23, "For sin which is death, but God's free gift is life in union with or, "The wages of sin is death." I think it is best illustrated When a person sins it will bring about something very distasteful. In the case of the fellow, it brought about something very that did not ta5te very good. Sin does that, but the scripture also says, that obedience brings about life. All Satan's apples have worms.

So, with their hands, these children were able to find their way out of their darkness. By following the "foot prints like" of those who so many years ago had gone to a place of prayer and praise.

Scripture, my children for this story is this: "The Lord is my light and my salvation.." Psalm 27:1 Even when they did not have a lantern, the Lord was their light. The Lord, through the path of earlier Christians, now led these children. Yes, Thy Word is a light to my path.



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