A telephone receiver only. Disconnect from telephone itself.


Telephone handset

What is missing? Here is a telephone receiver I hold in my hand. What is missing? Did you guess a cord? right. What else? The phone itself? Yes. The box that has the push buttons or the dial and a cord going to it. All I have here is the receiver. It has two parts. The top, which is called the hearing devise, and the bottom part, the microphone, the speaking device.

Before we say any more about this receiver only, let me read Psalm 145:18, "He hears all those who call unto Him." And since this handle has two parts, let me read the second scripture. Psalm l8:, "In my trouble I called to the Lord. I called to my God for help. In His temple He heard my voice, he listened to my cry for help."

You see, this phone is a picture of the "phone" that is inside your heart. It is there when you want to talk to God. God does not need a real line going to Him. God does not need a telephone that has a dial on it. God does not need the receiver, because He tells us the words that when we telephone Him in our heart, He hears. He listens.

It is like this phone is a HOTLINE to God. I pick it up and start talking as well listening as well. Any time, day or night. When things are going bad, I pick it up and say "Hey God, I know that you know this, but let me tell you what is happening tome." or, "Hey, God, I just want to say before I go to sleep that I love you." or "God, would you please help so and so that is going through a real difficult time now?" God listens, and He does so the very minute you start talking.

Unlike on a regular telephone one might get a busy signal. With God, everyone can call at one. There is never a busy signal with God. Praise God, He has a phone and He is very close to all who would call upon Him.



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