a fan
an extension cord
a cross with face of Jesus on it. The cross must be of such a size that an extension chord can be taped on the backside, on the cross arms.



My message to you at this time, boys and girls, has no words. Yes, that's right. I will not say a word, just show you the message. It is what could be called a pantomime. Watch, don't listen!

Run an extension chord front a nearby electrical outlet prior to the sermon. To begin with show the children a nice large electric fan. Show them the on switch. Turn it on and pretend to enjoy the breeze produced by the fan. But, no, there is no breeze. Show amazement.

Then, with a gesture of enlightenment look at the end of the cord you know, it has to be plugged in to the power. Look around for the power. Note the extension chord. But when you attempt to plug it in everyone will notice that the chord on the fan is not long enough to reach the power. (The fan has been placed at the right distance.)

Pretend to pull the fan chord, but to no avail. Try the other end of the extension chord. Then with a gesture of you know what will work, reach for a cross which has been placed behind the pulpit or other object. Place it between the plug and the chord. And by plugging in the fan at one of the arms of the cross and the same with the extension chord, the fan now operates properly.

Have a picture of the head of Jesus on the front of the cross.

Then place the following signs on these objects. On the fan place "ME" On the extension chord: HEAVEN or POWER (which ever direction the speaker wishes. to move) On the cross or in front of it a large card with these words. THERE IS ONE WHO BRIINGS GOD AND MANKIND TOGETHER THE MAN JESUS. (1 Timothy 2:5)



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