A candle mounted on a bracket and attached to a plate or board.
When the board or plate is moved the candle will always remain straight.


mailmanI have, this morning, a very unique and unusual object to show to you. It is something that perhaps none of you, have ever seen. There may be one or two, but I would venture to say that very few people have seen a ship's candle holder. Now the unique thing about this candle holder is this; if I place it flat on my hand like this, the candle stays straight up. If I would place this plate-like holder on the wall sideways the candle again, would stand up straight.

So you see the advantage of this ship's candle holder. If the candle holder was placed on the captains's table, for example, and suddenly the winds came a blew and the waves became boisterous while the ship tossed back and forth, the candle remains upright. No matter how the ship would rock the candle would remain straight.

So the ship's candle is a very unique thing and a very valuable thing to someone who is on a ship. I think from this ship's candle comes a very important object lesson for us today.

The Church, boys and girls, has been symbolized as a ship. Now this is just what some people have thought of the Church. If this be so, the Church has as its main goal helping people and boys and girls. The business of the church should be to help you stand tall and straight, even if things are not going your way.

When the winds of life blow, when the shadows of life come, the church should have given you ideas and a foundation to help you stand straight and tall.

When you are sick, boys and girls, when you are lonely, boys and girls, or when you are very sad for some reason, Jesus can help you through what you learn in the Church, to stand tall and straight.

Three scriptures regarding being upright, boys and girls.
  1. "No good thing will God withhold from them that walk upright." Psalms 84:11
  2. "Such as are upright in their way are a delight unto the Lord." Prov. 11:20
  3. "The way of the Lord is strength to the upright." Prov. 10:29

When you are perplexed, boys and girls, when you are feeling bad or even when you experience a death down the street or in your own family, the Church can give you the strength to stand straight and tall when life doesn?t go your way. So remember boys and girls, this week when you are in school, and something happens that is just not the way you would want it to happen, remember this, that Jesus can give you strength to stand up. You will be just like this candle standing straight when the waves batter a ship. Amen.



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