a very old book with thick leather cover
book on a marine subject
the Bible
other books of different size and colors
a tiny book match box size, if possible
a paper back book


mailmanBoys and girls, I have brought a pile of books to share with you this morning. It certainly is a tall stack, isn't it? There are different sizes and colors, huh?

Take a look at this one. (show oldest) This book is the oldest in the pile. The date here on the inside is 1880. That is pretty old, too. This very old book is one that came out of the attic of an old plantation home in the deep south.

Have you ever seen a book this big my, it certainly is a huge one, isn't it? You know, it is quite in contrast to this tiny one, huh? One almost has to have a magnifying glass to read it Books used to be this big. Notice the leather cover - would you like to touch it. O.K. A book with a leather cover certainly would last longer than a paper back one like this one. But that makes a book cost more, of course, than one with just a paper back.

With all these books before you have you wondered which is the most important? All of them have special value and are in their own right important, but there is one in this pile which is the most important. Now this one is important - it tells all about electricity this one tells about another important subject, BUT there is yet another that is the most important.

Who can raise their hand indicating which book is the most important. I'll walk near you showing the pile. Alright, you have discovered the right one? (Recognize one) Yes, this one entitled the BIBLE is the most important book in all of these.

Why is the Bible more important than this one, for example? Simply this, the author of the Bible is God - through men divinely inspired. God inspired the writing of the Bible, while these other books were simply written by men. Now this does not mean that the authors of these books were not inspired, no, by no means. But the Bible is of God and from God, hence it is the most important in the stack.

Our Scripture a sentence from God's word, the Bible, comes from 2 Timothy, 3:16. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable..."

I trust that all you boys and girls will realize this and cherish your Bible which you have brought with you and which you have at home. Love you Bible and don't let a day go by without reading it - OK? Amen.



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