step ladder
sign: "heaven"
sign: "earth"
picture of angels



It is from Genesis 28 that the idea of my bringing before you this and setting it up comes. For in that chapter we read about. a man named Jacob who went to sleep, resting his head upon a stone. He dreamed that he saw a stairway leading from heaven to earth. He saw angels going up and coming down. There was the Lord standing beside him

God used this dream with angels going up and down the ladder just as I move this angel picture up and down the ladder from the word "heaven" to "earth" to encourage him that God was going to be with him where ever he would go. The Lord said, "I will not leave you until I have done all that I said I would do, all I promised." Genesis 28:15

Now, look at this illustration the angels go up and down the ladder. One of you come forward and stand next to this step ladder. Each of you can experience what Jacob did. He, when he found God in his heart, found that where ever he goes, God was with him.

John 1:51 says, "I am telling you the truth. You will see heaven open and God's angels going up and coming down on the son of man. This happened. And the truth for you is this. Wherever you go, God goes with you. It is like waking up in the morning and finding the ladder right by your pillow. It is like going to school or down the street to play with a friend and going with you is that ladder. Angels going up and coming down. .watching over you. Like an invisible ladder on wheels. Yep, we can't see it, but by faith we know that it is there. And, boys and girls, God has mode you promises, too, just like Jacob. So, take your ladder and return to your pew.



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