JUDAS (Iscariot)

Iscariot not given to him until after death

Latin: “leather apron”

Heb.: “strangling”






Note:  No one becomes a traitor all at once.  No one becomes

a “villain” over night – always in “steps”.

He was in the company of Jesus for 3 years….(wow)





He was the only known Galilean.  He was the son of Simon (John 13:2), and from the town of Keriath.  He might have been present at the baptism of John the Baptist.  He did receive his call at the Sea of Tiberius.


Scripture background:


Matthew 10:4;  26:14, 25, 47;  27:3

Mark 3:19;  14:10,43

Luke 6:16;  22:3, 47,48

John 6:71;  12:4;  13:2, 26,27,29;  18:2,3,5

Acts 1:16, 18, 25


Questions asked:


John 12;4,5  (John writes about this years later.)  “But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betrays him, objected.  ‘Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor?  It was worth a year’s wages.’”

                  Yes, Satan entered, but Judas opened the door.


Matthew 26;25  “Then Judas, the one who would betray him, said, ‘Surely not I, Rabbi?’”



Scriptural stories:


Judas agrees to the betrayal – Luke 22:3-6

The incident of the ointment – John 12:4

Incident at the Last Supper – John 13:2, 26,29

At the arrest of Jesus – John 18:2,3,5

Betrays Jesus – Matthew 26:14, 25, 47-50  Luke 22:47,48

Convicted, he hands himself – Matthew 27:3-10  Acts 1:18-20  (Not a discrepancy, but                   stating how the limb broke bearing his weight.)



Place and manner of death:


Outside Jerusalem.  Suicide – he hung himself.


Date of death:


c  AD. 30



Additional notes:



Judas was chosen as an apostle.  He was not chosen to betray Jesus.  He was not chosen to become a traitor.  Judas had the same chancres as Peter, James and John.  He was dressed as them.   He looked the same as they.  He heard what they heard.  He saw that they saw.  He proclaimed the Kingdom Message.  He went out witnessing as they did.  For three years he was an apostle of Jesus.  (wow)


One said, “Do not relegate him to the police files.  There must have been something about him for Jesus to choose him….perhaps leadership ability, perhaps intelligence.  The fact is that Judas was the only man from the South.  All others were from Galilee. Judas from Keroth, came from the region of Judea.  What was there about him to make him especially qualified to be among the Galileans?”

Interesting that we must conclude that he was used to produce miracles on the preaching missions.  Some say he was always at the head and constant fussing.


According to the Arabic “Gospel of Infancy” Judas was demon possessed even when a child.


Irenaeus mentions a Gospel of Judas.  It was in existence in the 2nd century, but there are no quotations from it.  He obviously possessed business abilities.


The Judas tree today reaches some 50 feet in height.  The trunk is one foot in diameter.  It has pink and purple flowers.



Other Quotes:


In reference to John 6:67-71.



“How did He know?  The scriptures had prophesied that one should betray him but why Judas?  There were signs. There were always signs, uneasiness at the preaching service, stubbornness, prayerlessness, quarrelsomeness in the fellowship.  Little jealousies, resentments, remarks with double meanings,, pride in spiritual growth, showing off one’s spiritual muscles.  Jesus can tell, but does Judas know?”


“Scripture gives one final word about Judas.  “Judas by transgression fell that he might go to his own place.”  (Acts 1:26)  We can’t read that without pain.  What could have been his?  Chosen as an apostle chosen to the highest, chosen for the Kingdom of God, chosen by Jesus who said, “I go to prepare a place for you.”  But he went to his own place.  He chose that place himself.”


“But how could anyone who lived in the presence of Jesus for three years do this?  How could anyone be so near to Jesus, and fall so far away?  That is his message to us.  One could, and one did.  He who professes allegiance to the Church who, when a chance for worldly advancements arises, turns his back, is a traitor too.  You and I are of like passions with Judas.”


“Jesus had much to say to Judas…much every day.  And Judas heard, BUT HE DID NOT HEAR.  The warnings, the pleadings, the Word of God reached him, but it never really reached him.  He turned traitor to himself in spite of Jesus’ appeal.”


Lingering Question:


Will Judas be in Heaven?


Shields and Emblems: