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The Suffering of the Righteous


This document is Pastor Neal's doctoral thesis on the subject of suffering. It has been divided into four sections and is presented in it's original PDF format.

A dissertation presented to the faculty of the California Graduate School of Theology. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosopy

by L. Neal Carlson May 1971

Preface "Why Did This Have to Happen to Me?"

  • All the bad things are not punishments from God as some suppose
  • Both the Good & bad suffer
  • Not all bad things are bad things
  • Suffering's Blessings

The Job of Today

  • Life's Problems Presently Explained
  • Structural Sciety Around Us
  • God's Problems
  • Man's Cybernetics

The Job of Yesterday

  • Interesting & Inspirational Verses
  • Job's Questions
  • The Scripture's Answer
  • Theological Thoughts

A Conclusion

  • Case Studies from Across the Country
  • An Epilogue
  • Biblical Helps
  • Some Poetic Aids

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