Words For Courageous Living

When "negative things" come our way, i.e. disappointments, sorrow, loss of job, death, heartache, failure, (you name it) most people want to immediately DO something FAST.

Our nature is to "react". I am learning that the proper response is not "react" but "respond" with an attitude of coolness. Try to observe the situation from a different perspective. Don't rush into a reaction.

Let me illustrate. There was a cry of fire near a large schoolhouse. The chidren were very afraid and began to rush to the doors and stairs. As a result many were injured. Some had limbs broken - there were cries, a real disaster.

But there was one little girl who had remained quietly in her seat. Her teacher asked her why she did not do as the other girls did. "My father is a fireman," she said: "and he told me, whenever there was a cry of fire while I was in school, to remain quiet in my seat; for that was the safest way. I was really afraid, but I knew father had told me what was best; so I sat still when they ran to the doors. Later, I got up and walked to the door."

Pretty neat, huh.? When those "hot" experiences come our way - let's purpose in our heart to sit still and not react and rush into a dangerous situation. David put it this way. He said (Psalm 131:2)

"I have stilled and quieted my soul..."

There is such great value in that position...sitting still. But sitting still IN THE PRESENCE of the Lord.

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, I ask that you bless this one with a great deal of revelation as they sit still before you. Keep them from danger and may they use their shield of faith to stop all the fiery darts of the evil one. In the name of Jesus


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