Words For Courageous Living

One of our guest bedrooms is done up with antique furniture (Nancy's parent's parents) and some old things we have collected, plus some of our "things" when children. (Antiques?? ha.)

One of mine is a small cast iron piece of farm equipment. One was a red and silver combine. (A machine which harvests, threshs grain while moving over the field. In fact in our box of old home movies there is such a machine working a field that belonged to my my uncle in the state of Iowa, USA.

With that as a background - that is the cutting of the field, the harvest, the collecting of the grain with the combine I want to share the words in Psalm 72:6

"He will be like rain falling on a MOWN field."

If I am to keep a nice lawn, then I must mow it weekly. In effect I (when I mow) am a picture of God mowing HIS own. How so? Well the Bible speaks of king's mowings. Our King (God) does have to mow us.

Now, that may sound strange and unbelievable - but it is true, my friend. In our life there comes a shearing of pain, a "cutting" of death; a shearing of pain, etc.

Do you know why I water my lawn AFTER I mow it? It is because the cut blades of grass "drink" in the water. Let me quote F.B. Meyer. "There is no method of obtaining a velvety lawn, but by repeated mowings; and there is no way of developing tenderness, evenness, sympathy, but by the passing of God's scythes. (An instrutment for mowing grass) How constantly the Word of God compares man to grass and his glory to a flower. But when grass is mown, and all the tender shoots are bleeding...it is time for showers sof rain falling soft and warm."

"Oh soul, you have been mown! Time after time the King has come to you with His sharp scythe. Do not dread the scythe - it is sure to be followed by the shower."

May I pray for you?

Thank you Lord that you are aware of this one reading these lines. Please give them a shower of your "blessings" following the "pain" in their life. In the name of Jesus.


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