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I went in for my 6 months teeth cleaning. During the process the crown I have on one of my front teeth broke. Oh me! So, to make a long story short an impression was made - plans were made to have the crown replaced. In the meantime I had a temporary one "glued on". The dentist, a long time friend, showed me a mold he had of my teeth. It had been made many years ago, but kept with others in a closet.

I am impressed with the fact that nothing is done in a hurry. In my case - even years ago a filling a cavity with an inlay, the dentist was careful to grind out all the decayed matter. Now, much pain was taken (wow, what a play on words) by the dentist to insure a proper fit. When I return in several weeks I am sure that the crown will fit perfectly. Why? Because - again - great care was taken for the false tooth. Every contour, to a thousandth of an inch was considered. The color was matched as perfectly as possible. In other words, when I go in and receive my crown it will FIT ONLY ME, no one else.

So, the need that you have at this very moment is unique to you. (In generalities - some may be similar.) In particular your need is as individual as the making of my front tooth crown. And God meets that contour of your need. What has happened is to allow God to clean up our act and our attitude and our actions and in so doing our real need is met.

Problem is when we run "into problems" we don't use them to our benefit. Perhaps you have heard the statement, "Trouble can make you BITTER or BETTER. Perhaps, also, you have heard the scripture, (2 Cor. 3:18)

"...we are being changed from one image to another."

My friend, problems are the tools used to shape us up - to the glory of and image of Jesus. Trust me. NO, trust God!!

My prayer for you, my friend,

Lord, may this one take the difficulties as having passed through your hand for a particular purpose in their life. Like the making of a crown, may their afflictions, difficulties, etc. be the preparation for a better fits between you and them. In the name of Jesus.


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