Words For Courageous Living

I watched a friend one day do some grafting. He told me that he had learned it from his father years ago. He showed me some clay like substance, cloth and string. He went through the process of how it is done.

In thinking about this and what the gentleman said, it reminded me that the union was made with the stock of the tree by means of clay - that it was prepared and applied by the skill of the gardener. Clay brought it together. So, in much the same fashion a believer by faith has accepted the work of Jesus (earthly body as clay being abused and broken). And it is their (your) faith that "glues" you together.

I have personally been through some most difficult times and I had to remind myself constantly of the glue that was needed to hold me together with Him. All else was failing. He was the only stability.

So John reminds us (John 15) that Jesus is the "husbandman". He is there - right now, where you are, my friend. Did He not further say, "You are the branches"?

So, if at this hour of your being on line, you feel separated from it all by a difficult situation, my prayer for you is....

Lord, may this reader, have the security of the Holy Spirit and have it applied by faith to the grafting process They are one. And, in their life may they focus on you and not the situation. May they "graft to you" and not "graft to their problem".


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