Words For Courageous Living

Like a painter can "see" on canvas a particular "painting", a sculpturer can "see" in a piece of marble a "statue", so one can "see" in a piece of steel "great value"". Take the value of a bar of steel. The figures I give come with an article written around 1920, I think.

A bar of steel worth $5.00 when made into horseshoes is worth $10.00. If one takes that same bar of steel and makes it into needles it is worth $350.00. If it is made into pocket knife blades = $32,000. BUT, if you take that $5.00 bar of steel and make it into springs for watches it is worth $250,000. Wow. what a difference a process makes!!

I think, "My, what that bar of steel has to go through to become worth more. Think of all the hammering, the fire, being beaten, pounded and polished." I certainly would not want to go through that. BUT WAIT!! (Why not?) Here is the truth for multitudes around the world. The "pain" of your experience" which you are suffering now (regardless of the degree) is going to make you more valuable. How about that?

There is something about God getting great value out of our soul through suffering. Now, the pain may not be "physical" - though it may be. The pain may not be "emotional" - though it may be. One may not be literally crying on the outside, though they may be. One may be crying on the inside. Those tears ARE HEARD AND SEEN BY GOD. I like the scripture found in Psalm 56:8

"...list my tears on your (God's) scroll are they not in your record.?"

To be of value to one's self and to be of value to others, one has to go through some "pounding, beating and polishing" of difficulties. Take heart, my friend. Your value to God and to yourself and to humanity IS INCREASING.

My prayer for you:

I thank you, Lord, that you have and are recording the tears of this one. They are in your book of remembrance. You have not forgotten this dear one and all the tears inside and out have been collected by your loving hand. Bless this one, especially, in the name of Jesus.


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