Words For Courageous Living

Have you ever seen a blacksmith at work? Only once have I actually seen a man doing the work, but I have seen it numerous times on TV or in movies - perhaps you have also.

When a person is discouraged or when a person needs encouragement for just anything there needs to be - what I could call - a union between them and the Lord. How many times just this past week have I sought a special "union" with the Lord over a particular situation.

Let me paint this picture for you! Go into a blacksmith's shop. There he is - at work. He is a very strong looking man - he is handling his tools with his strong, bare arms. He says, "Hi - I have these two pieces of iron in the fire so I can join them together." We watch - they get really red. So, we think it is TIME to join them together. But NO! He leaves them lying still in the fire without saying a word. They grow redder and hotter - throw out sparks - we say it must be time, but he flames the fire even hotter. Not until they are white and bending with their own weight does this skillful man take them out. They have to be bending under their own weight, much like a lily on its stalk - like becoming liquid. THEN he applies a few gentle strokes and unites them to each other. If he had done it earlier, no matter how hard he would have beaten them they would have fallen apart.

Isaiah speaks -48:10,

"See I have refined you though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction."

My friend please believe me that the Lord knows what preparation we need in order that we may be brought into union with Himself. So when the Lord refuses to answer a prayer "like we ask", or if there are delays or if there are disappointments - realize that in wise love He is bringing our heart up to a "glow" that will unite us with him.

Let's Pray

I know, Lord, it is so hard going through a trial, but I also know that you are there for us IN it. Thank you that you are very carefully watching this one in theirs and you will see the desired results. Keep them strong in the union with you, in the name of Jesus.


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