Words For Courageous Living

One of the greatest phrases in words for courageous living is to keep on keeping on! Keep on doing what you know you should do even when you are not seeing results.

Believe me, something is in the process of happening. I know this because God has works in our life in ways that we would not normally set for ourself. There is reward for us.

Take the words of an old Persian legend. This king needed a faithful servant and he had to choose between two individuals. To make his decision he hired them at a fixed wage to do a particular job. What was it? They were asked to fill a basket with water from a particular well and he would come at the end of the day to see how they were doing and pay them.

Well, after dumping several buckets of water into the basket the guys noticed that the basket had holes in the bottom. So, one says, "I have had it. I am leaving. This is stupid!"

The other replied, "Well, we are being paid aren't we?" Since the first individual would have nothing to do with something so silly, he left. The other stayed and finished the day.

But guess what?? When he drained the well dry and looked at the bottom there was something shinning and it turned out to be a beautiful diamond ring. He then realized the use of pouring water into the bucket full of holes. The day's work was not useless.

You know when the blessings of God don't appear in correspondance to our praying - - remember to wait. To wait and to keep on waiting. Psalm 25:3

"Let none that wait on the Lord be ashamed."

God is never late. Yes, my friend, we will wait patiently for the Lord to reveal what He is doing in our life. Don't give up on those endless tedious jobs, don't give up on the "same old, same old" activities in the name of the Lord. "Blessed is he that waits."


Lord, how often have we wondered with a wonder what is really going on in our life. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this dear one not give up on a person, not give up on a situation, not give up on themselves. Victory to the one who endures that which seems to be a "fruitless" job.


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