Words For Courageous Living

We are so bound by past experiences, aren't we?? We have failure and we think that we will always have a "failure" in that particular area of our life.

We need to be released from the past. It does affect our present and, unfortunately, our future. HOWEVER, this need not be IF we make a proper break from a past mistake or failure. Let me explain.

At a circus a huge elephant was tied to an 18" sake. Could he not easily have pulled it out of the ground and be free? I would think so. Sure! BUT - ah, but he had tried it when he was a baby and could not pull it out. So Mr. Elephant concluded that he would never be able to pull it out. So, he lived his life in "error". In fact, he stands there - a huge creature - AND capable of lifting trees, yet held captive by a small stake.

"The Lord sets the prisoners free." (Psa. 146:7)

I suppose the question I would ask my readers is, "What small stake could FAITH release you from?? With the Lord's help one can be set free from the habits and captivity of the past. I praise His name that even Jesus himself said, "I have come to set the prisoner free."

Let's pray!

Lord, we ask, in the name of Jesus, that those failures before which we failed, be transformed into the "I cans" of the present. Bless this dear one to that end.


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