Words For Courageous Living

There are some things I KNOW!!.. One of them is (Psalm 46:1)


Now, I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want first?? Good? OK. The Word (quoted above) is absolutely true and you can bet your life on it. The bad? Oftentimes we are not "immediately" taken out of a difficult situation. Why? Well, you will have to ask God about that!! The bottom line is that one has to trust in Him.

Trust means to rely on the character and ability of God. Now, since you can't see Him, you have to rely on your "faith" in God.

The story is old that is told of a guy walking along a narrow path. He was not paying attention to where he was going and all of a sudden he slipped over the edge. Falling, he grabbed a branch growing from the side of the cliff. He could not hold on for long - so he cried for help.

Man: Is anybody up there?

Voice: Yes, I'm here!

Man: Who's that?

Voice: The Lord.

Man: Lord, help me!

Voice: Do you trust me?

Man: I trust you completely, Lord.

Voice: Good, Let go of the branch.

Man: What??

Voice: I said, "Let go of the branch."

Man: (After a long pause) Is anybody elses up there?

I smile everytime I think of the story. And, I smile at myself, for I am that man. (Could you maybe see yourself in that, too??)

Let's Pray

Well, Lord, we say we trust...but to "let loose" really requires our faith. I ask that you help this one by your Holy Spirit, to turn loose and know that you ARE THERE with them, in the name of Jesus.


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