Words For Courageous Living

So the dr. told me I should spend the night in the hospital. Me? In the hospital. No way!! Last time was nearly 40 years ago. Staying in the hospital overnight is not my thing. But, after listening to my wife, Nancy, I decided to take the advice.

So, I lay in bed - letting them do their thing in running a variety of tests on yours truly. Interesting thing was in the hospital stay, obviously, I had to be quiet and still. NOW THAT IS HARD FOR ME TO DO!!!

The next day when Nancy came to visit me she started laughing. Come to find out she reminded me of the title of my sermon just the day before. The scripture was the title (Zephaniah 1:7)


I actually wanted to entitle it "Shut up...and be quiet". My wife sorta reminded me that now I had to practice what I preached. Was it hard?? Yes, you better believe it!

But it was a rewarding time. And I share it with you and the following story to encourage you to, likewise, be still before the presence of theLord.

There was a Dr. Pierson who called upon a clergyman who was laid on his back for six months. "You are a busy man. It may be that God had something to say to you but you were too busy to listen so God had to lay you on your back that you might hear his voice and receive his message."

As the doctor left, the minister thought to himself - "That guy is right!" "I have not been giving much time to listening for the voice of God." So from that time on he made a practice to sit quiet for an hour each night...not to speak to God, but to listen to what God has to say as he lay the work of the day before the Lord.

I want to encourage you. Through what life is throwing you - sit still and listen. That is a way to courageous living. I know. It works!!


Lord, we get in such a hurry. Life is on the fast track. May this one (on their own) take time to "be still and know" that you are there and to listen to your quiet voice to receive encouragement and strength. In he name of Jesus.


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