Words For Courageous Living

I have told my people that I want to retract a statement I have made many times. What was it? Please forgive me for saying, "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a prayer knot and hang on." Well, I learned that many years ago and I thought it pretty good. But, now as I progress in my Christian faith I see that that is not an accurate statement. It should be, "When you come to the end of your rope,


The true story concerns two Wycliffe translators who were making a language survey in a remote area. Their car broke down - like 80 miles from the neaest place of repair. It happened that a stranger came by and offered to tow the car - he had a rope, however, the rope was not very strong.

They had not gone very far when the rope broke. So a knot was made in the rope, tying the two ends together. Off they went. But, soon the rope broke again, so they tied it together again. Yep, it broke again. Now, remember everytime it broke they lost a little length. Finally, it had broken so many times that it couldn't be tied anymore. THEN THEY SAW IT!! Right where the car was - and the impossibility of using the rope again - lying on the roadside by the bushes was a stronger rope and a good length.

They had literally come to the end of their rope. And, "GOD WAS THERE". My friend, God is there with you now also.

Jeremiah 1:12, "...but I have been watching, (you) declares the Lord."

You may feel that you have just had it with "that person" or "that situation" or "that burden" or "that--whatever", turn loose of it. Commit it to the Lord and you will find peace and victory.


Lord, it is so hard to turn loose of a problem. It is so easy to try and fix it ourself, but in so doing generally we fail. Bless this one to believe, by faith, that as you are in the tomorrows of their life, you are also in the tomorrow of their situation. In the name of Jesus.



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