Words For Courageous Living

It is possible - when in the darkness of an experience - to let God break the silence!! Now, to be sure, few have actually heard the audible voice of God. But there is a "voice of God" we can hear - - - deep within our soul.

Let me tell you the story of a person who was literally in darkness - because she was blind. This story, I feel, actually illustrates the fact that God does speak to our heart. The person? Helen Keller, that wonderful person, who, blind, deaf, and mute, is yet an unusual learner of facts and truths. Her teacher had felt that it would be impossible to teach her of the great and all loving God. It was a subject impossible to explain to one whose only sense was that of TOUCH.

But when Helen was fourteen, the teacher felt that she must make an effort to give her some glimpse of spiritual truths, so she tried to tell her of God - His love and protecting care.

With her sensitive fingers placed on the lips and throat of her teacher, Helen followed the words with a face that began to glow and shine more and more untill she said, "Oh, I am so glad you told me HIS NAME, for He has often spoken to me."

I believe that many times in our darkness of despair and worry we feel that we are in no position to hear. Yet it is precisely in this state that WE CAN HEAR.

It was just today that in my "darkness" that I said as I read in 1 Samuel 3:10

"Speak Lord, for I am listening"

The next step is for us to be quiet so we can hear. So often we "knock" and "run".

My prayer for you!

Lord, since we do have eyes to actually see, give us the quietness of spirit to actually behold you in our spirit. You are an ever present help and I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this dear one cultivate a spiritual frequency - one that will pierce the darkness with the Light of Life.


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