Words For Courageous Living

Do this experiment for me. The next time you are outdoors at night - look up at the stars. Pick one out in particular. Then look at it with your right eye only. Then close that eye and look at the same star with your other eye. The difference is what I wish to write about today.

Stars seem to be seen with five points. I am told that all stars show precisely the same rays, but that in case of the brighter stars the rays are plainer and longer. The rays seen by the left and the right eye differ, and that, if the head be turned, the rays are rotated in a corresponding maner. The author concluded that the source of the rays is not in the stars themselves, but in the eye, the middle of the retina not being perfectly alike in their sensitiveness.

The same is true with our spiritual sensitiveness WHEN IN or experiencing less than star=studded events in our life. I think our "heart sight" is defective. As in the stars not changing, so with God, he never changes. His dealings have been fair and in great loving kindness all through the ages...even this moment that touches you.

It is like the words in 2 Corinthians 10:7,

"You are looking only on the surface..."

Oh, to see things that happen to us from the eyes of the Bright and Morning Star. From His perspective it is altogether different. If we are not able to see Him and/or to understand the "why" let us remember how finite are our earthly eyes. Let's face it - our vision is defective and limited.

My prayer for you

Open our eyes that we may see, oh, Lord. It is not the star's fault that we see it with five points. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this one actually close their eyes for a moment toward a situation and look at it with their/your heart eyes.


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