Words For Courageous Living

Storms are hitting. I do no not mean (necessarily) literal storms - but those storms that "hit" our life. I know so many personally who are going through some rough times. It is like our ship that we live in is being tossed back and forth.

When will it end? What are we to do during the storm times? Bottom line - just how do we get out of them - OR IF WE CAN NOT SAIL OUT OF THEM HOW DO WE COPE AT THE PRESENT TIME???

Right now, personally, my ship is about to sink. So a few minutes ago I read the following words and they meant so much to me I must share them with you.

The Rev. Finney, the great evangelist, relates that once he was crossing the Atlantic when the steamer was overtaken by a fierce gale of wind.

Upon the deck the roar and confusion were terrific. The spray from the crests of the waves blew upon the face with almost force enough to blister it. The noise of the waves roaring and foaming was almost deafening.

But when he stepped into the engine-room, everything was quiet. The mighty engine was moving with a quietness and stillness in striking contrast to the roar without.

I see in that a picture of me (do you, yourself, also?) where coming against me is the wind of....(you name it!!) BUT inside - inside my soul there has to be a peace. Col. 3:15:


I know the Word speaks about God wanting to give us peace - pray for the peace - seek peace - and my peace I give you.

But it is something that often has to be asked for. I am finding that it does work. If I quiet my soul (the engine room) I will give less attention to the storm (outside).

May I pray for you?

I ask, Lord, in the precious name of Jesus, that this one reach IN for that peace that you give that will just pass all understanding. True, you said you came to bring peace. I ask for the peace of this one and for them to be focused in the quietness of their "engine room".


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