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On this side of the new millennium and in America the date of September 11 will forever stand! While buildings fell, the date stands. While lives were lost, for some, for some, God was found. While questions were raised by many, many found answers in their faith.

But for you, regardless of the year that you are viewing these words, there is no doubt that the date will stand in the corridors of time along side of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 and the assassination President John Kennedy, November 22, 1963. Some remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard of the assassination.

What has been ingrained in our mind must take root in the Word of God. We must continue to let the Holy Spirit minister to us in the areas of our fog and the darkness of our unbelief.

These are words for Courageous Living for today and for the tomorrows. They are words for you in the experience you are going through and in all of the situations where one wonders where God is. Like, “Why is this happening to me?” or “I just can’t handle this any longer.” or “God, where are you. I desperately need you.” I submit the following that God is just where He has always been........on His Throne. And, Jesus is there at His right hand interceding for you.

Much was written about this date. Personally, I had pages and pages come across my computer following that event. However, some of the words following, written by Henk Frijters, need to echo on your screen.

In America, following the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building in America there appeared on the book stores a title, “Where Was God at 9:02 A.M.?” That was a logical question. Then after September 11, 2001, countless many ask the same question. “Where was God September 11?”

Here are some of his words:

One morning in July, 587 B.C., a lot of Israelites asked the same thing. On that day, Jerusalem fell. It was a day that none would escape and few would survive . . . a day not unlike the days that the Jews endured in Hitler's Germany . . . a day shockingly similar to the days that defiled Bosnia and Croatia a couple of years ago...a day resembling the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001.

In some ways, I'd like to avoid the accounts of Jerusalem's destruction. They're haunting . . . offensive. But these stories of suffering remain in the Scriptures for a reason. Through them, we can gain a glimmer of insight into dealing with our own sufferings. So, let's look at the men and women who suffered in Jerusalem. Let's learn about their sorrows -- and about our own.

We see

(1) THAT SOME WHO SUFFERED WERE SINNERS. King Zedekiah despised God’s messenger. The folks who fled to Egypt defiled God. When serving God became difficult, they turned to other deities...

(2) SOME WHO SUFFERED ARE SAINTS. Jeremiah served his Savior faithfully. Not every citizen slaughtered in Judah despised the God of Israel.

And some of the ones to whom it happens are saints. Through their tragedies, and through a difficult situation through which you might be struggling as you read these lines, let us learn - or at least observe:




I wonder where you might find yourself in the above three statements?

Where was God September 11, 200l. The same place he was 587 B.C. The same place He is one the date that appears on your screen.

Yes, God IS with you right now....where you are!! Now, that might not change the situation, (though it could!) but I know personally, that it changes my attitude toward the difficulty....the lost.....the job situation.....the marriage.....the relationship.....the raising of a difficult child....the lack or strength.....you name it......

Pray with me?

Lord, how desperately we need you! You are aware of the one reading these words at this very moment in time.. In fact the Scripture states that you are thinking about us right now. That, in itself raises my doubt and unbelief. I ask, Lord, in the name of Jesus that you minister to this one in a very special way. May the distance be spanned by the Holy Spirit from this keyboard to theirs. Assure them that they are not alone and assure them of your love IN the situation. Please grant your peace and may their soul be calm through the rough waters anchoring their very being on the Rock of Ages.


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