Words For Courageous Living

My wife, Nancy, often makes her own bread. She not only makes it, she GRINDS the wheat into flour. She grinds just the amount needed, because she says that if you don't use it all right away many of the vitamins loose their effectivenss.

Well, the only reason I tell you that is because of the bag of wheat that enters the story. We buy winter/red wheat that comes from the mid-west, USA, buying it at a health food store. The wheat comes in 50 pound sacks. So the last time we purchased the wheat I had this thought while bringing it into the house from the car. Wow, this is sorta heavy - so I flung it over my shoulder and continued inside. The weight of the 50 pounds on my shoulder was felt - no way around that. IT WAS A LOAD, but a managable one - can't say the same about a 100 pound sack. Not being Hercules, I have a "load limit".

Knowing that limit is really important - especially if I am not to injure my back. May I ask you a question? Have you ever seen such a sign that says, LOAD LIMIT?? If so, where ever you saw it, it was there for a purpose! It's message was meant to be observed.

I only recall seeing the sign on a semi-truck and on a trailer. BUT the most outstanding sign was seen on an old wooden bridge. Have you ever seen such a bridge? In days gone by especially the "horse and buggy" days. The reason the load limit sign is there is because the vehicles have gotten heavier. Hence, "Load Limit - 4 tons"

So, what I am getting to is that like the old wooden bridge, you and I have load limits, also. You see, God has made us to carry certain "loads" but if one tries to bear too much at the same time that one will suffer the same fate as the wooden bridge.

When one encounters emotional stress - a load limit must be observed!

Here is where Matthew 11:28 enters in:

"Come unto Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

You see, Jesus is inviting us - (you, by name) - to Him and He has promised to help share the load. Praise God.

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, I ask that this one come to you immediately with their load. Thank you that you are waiting anxiously for them so you can help lift them up by your powerful, strong arm. In the name of Jesus.


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