Words For Courageous Living

Here is a truth!! (Let's call it a lesson.) Our view of a situation (you name it) may be really different from God's view of the same situation.

If fact, it is like we may be failing in something and God says that we are succeeding. Strange, huh? Listen to 2 Chronicles 6:8,

"You did well in that it was in your heart."

Sometimes we are told to reach for the stars - get a GREAT goal and work toward it. (Now, I am not saying goals are unimportant, etc. Listen further.) Someone says, "Well, if your will is strong enough you CAN do such and such." That's all well and good, BUT and I say but our "reach may exceed our grasp". I may have a desire to do something, but can't. I may not have sufficient education, or strength, or money. You see this becomes an element which I can't control.

Now, in the case of David, his dream was to build a Temple....magnificent beyond description. He had collected money and materials. God said "No." (His record of lust and bloodshed enters into his great dream.) Now note, God then did not pity him or mourn over him, instead God said, "You did well - because it WAS in your heart."

So, my friend, here is the lesson IN your situation right now. If you are experiencing a failure, God may be looking at it different. That fact encourages me!! I do have limitations. But if I fail in a partiular situation (in the eyes of the world) I may not have failed in the eyes of my Lord.


Lord, while it was that beautiful idea that David had in his soul that counted, so with the "beautiful idea" in the soul of this one may you take delight. May their goal be reached, according to your perfect will for them, in the name of Jesus.


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