Words For Courageous Living

The word that most want today in their life is POWER. I will say "amen" to that! "What?" you are thinking. Yes, power, BUT I HASTEN TO SAY THAT THE POWER I SPEAK IS that of Acts 1:8

"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you..."

The power I speak is that "influence IN us" that helps us through difficult times...even through adversities. Some are major, some are minor. Which are you in now?

The unique thing is that this power which is in the Believer is invisible - yet results of it are sometimes seen. Let me illustrate.

When I was a boy I recall seeing on a stage a man who wated to show the example of electrical power being IN a person. He said that the body before us on the stage was going to be charged with FIRE. "Fire" I thought - "Wow, no way would he survive."

The subject was sitting on a stool - the legs of which were made of glass. What I learned was that the glass served to isolate him from the earth. It would not conduct the fire. In this case the fire got into him and stayed in him. We could not see the fire, but were told that it was flowing in him. To prove his point someone came up to the stage - put out their hand and a spark of fire shot out toward them.

I am convinced that much of our "reaction" or "response" to happenings take from us the power that is within us. We have got to have our soul charged. How does one do it? Obviously by prayer and Bible reading. It is in this fashion that we draw near the SOURCE of that fire (the very throne room of God). Now, since the world is so cold and draws from us so much, we must DAILY go to that secret place - get isolated (glasss legs) and await the power that comes from God. Then we go out not labouring in our own strength, but the strength of God - able to meet the challenges that God allows to come our way. Are you there?


I want thank you Lord that your power is available. Teach us that it is easy to loose effectiveness (not salvation) by being affected by the world. Teach us that by staying close to you we get "charged up" We bless you, our Father.


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